We offer our support for the production of commercial films and the creation of all types of moving and still branded content. Our clients include video and film production companies as well as motion picture agencies, broadcasters, directors and photographers from Germany and abroad.


Whether conference, interview format, fashion show, music showcase, or DJ set – there are many events that simply must take place live. For this, we offer not only the construction of the right set and a uniform lighting design but also a multi-angle broadcast with the best image quality. Thanks to an experienced team, live direction and the design of your individual graphics are no problem. Together with our partners, we guarantee a smooth running event, which will be perfect at the first take. The uniform design of the set or location, the right lighting, and good, understandable sound are self-evident.


Interview Package

For startups, small companies and brands it is essential to be visible. Neon Island Studio offers space for every type of interview. We take care of the entire production and are flexible when it comes to style and mood. Neon Island studio is the perfect place for interviews with CEOs, artists and business entrepreneurs.

  • 4 hours video- and photo-shooting 
  • Professional camera and light equipment included
  • Singlecolored background (option of paper or light)
  • Up to 180 seconds video or multiple short videos, edited and colorgraded, in 16:9 and 9:16 or 1:1
  • 1 x 15 seconds cutdown, in 16:9 and 9:16 or 1:1
  • Simple text animation incl. aston, logo, etc.
  • 5 x photos, incl. simple color correction
  • Delivery of first version within one week after shooting day

Price from 1.500€

Content Package

Neon Island Studio is not just a place to film and do photograph. We are part of production company Instant Waves, which is why we have a strong creative production team in the back-end. Specialized in content creation, we support your with our production expertise to create fresh promotional content for musicians, influencer and any other artists.

  • 4 hours video- and photo-shooting 
  • Professional camera and light equipment included
  • Singlecolored background (option of paper or light)
  • Up to 180 seconds video or multiple short videos, edited and colorgraded, in 16:9 and 9:16 or 1:1
  • 1 x 15 seconds cutdown, in 16:9 and 9:16 or 1:1
  • Simple text animation incl. aston, logo, etc.
  • 5 x photos, incl. simple color correction
  • Delivery of first version within one week after shooting day
  • 3 feedback loops included

Price from 1.500€

Individual Packages

Individual requests require individual solutions. Of course. Our parent cpmpany Instant Waves has have been producing film and photo productions for renowned agencies and clients since 2015. Whether branded or social media content, portrait or landscape – we feel comfortable with all formats. Our services start with the conception, but we can also come on board for execution of your concept only.

We have been an official Tik Tok production partner since 2022, as part of the Tik Tok Creative Exchange (TTCX). We offer the following TikTok solutions:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Concept development
  • Content creation
  • Remote or local production
  • Channel launch and development


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Our team of permanent and freelance film producers shines with local knowledge and good relations to the local authorities and the Film Commission Berlin and Brandenburg. In addition to fixers for small film productions, we also offer the services of video service producers, who can handle any request, in addition to a broad network of freelance film crews. Furthermore, synergy effects can be achieved through our in-house services.

In the past, we have implemented film service productions for film companies from all over the world, for example from Australia, America (USA), Belgium, Denmark, Germany, England (UK), France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Canada, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, and Spain.


Do you need an elaborate set and would like to have it designed by experienced art directors? We have a large network of professional set designers and crafty builders who can make all your wildest ideas come true. Service can range from the blueprint to set construction.


Our experienced in-house team offers support in film editing, compositing, and motion design. You will find a team of color grading, 3D animation, and VFX specialists next door from the studio. We also work together with high-end photo retouching and image-composing agencies. Let us know, how we can help!


Just let us handle your next production! In addition to complimentary support for film productions, we also offer our expertise as a holistic full-service moving image production company. Of course, we are available for shoots outside of our studio too, whether for a commercial, social media content, a music video, interviews, or influencer campaign. Tik Toks and photoshoots are our daily business, from tabletop to shoots with motion control robot shoots. Just tell us what you would like to shoot!


How do we define a service production?

Service productions are moving image or stills productions that we work on, but are commissioned by a film production company or agency. German film production companies are mostly familiar with this kind of work through their own productions abroad.
Local production companies or fixers are booked to bring in their network of local filmmakers and rental houses, as well as profound local knowledge. Especially a firm knowledge of the legal regulations in the respective country makes them an irreplaceable partner.
Service producers take care of putting together a crew, scouting locations, coordinating castings on location, concluding contracts, gear, and grip equipment. In this way, service producers provide planning security and relieve the film production department so that it can concentrate on the essentials.

What do fixers do?

A film fixer is someone who knows the location, prepares a production, and accompanies the film shoot. Casting, interviews, shooting permits, transportation, hotels, catering, and location scouting are all prepared by a film fixer. Film fixers can also be referred to as “local fixers” who are responsible for organizing everything necessary for an effective film production, from accommodations and permits to catering and later billing for the commissioning producer.

What filming permits do I need?

A moving image production that does not require exclusive use of public spaces can almost always take place without special permits, in Berlin and Brandenburg. If the film production requires road closures, large lighting setups, laying tracks of a dolly, drone flights, or similar, permits are required on public road land. In Berlin and Brandenburg, it usually takes between two and four weeks for the offices to issue a permit. Especially in summertime things can take a lot longer. Of course, there are local differences within Germany, but our service producers are there to help you comply with regulations, permits, and local conditions for your film shoot.

How do I find the right film crew?

Let us know who you’re looking for. Our service producers have a wide network of local filmmakers. Just share your briefing and we will send you a selection of our best contacts. The film crews in Berlin and the surrounding area are very experienced, professional, and work on an international level.
Due to long cooperation, we have flexible processes and work together across departments.

Which working hours and overtime rules apply in Germany?

A standard shooting day for a film team in the Berlin and Hamburg region is 10 hours (plus 1h lunch break).
If the shooting days exceed the 10-hour working day, there is the following regulation for overtime:
For all team members (except our Head-Ofs) an overtime surcharge with a fixed percentage of the basic hourly rate is due:
For the 11th and 12th hour, an additional 25% of the base hourly rate.
For the 13th hour, an additional 50% of the base hourly rate.
For each hour in excess of 14 hours, an additional 100% of the basic hourly rate.
Furthermore, there is a night surcharge, which amounts to 25% of the basic hourly rate in the period 22:00 – 06:00.
Shooting days on weekends or holidays also result in additional costs amounting to 25% holiday surcharge on the daily rate.
In the case of undertime, i.e. less than 11h of rest between two consecutive working days, 100% of the basic hourly rate is added for each underhour.

Do I need permission to shoot with children?

Yes, you do. Please do not try to ignore the following. Shooting with minors is highly restricted in Germany and penalties are high!

Age: 0-2 years – Employment is generally prohibited, filming is allowed in “natural expressions of life” and under the responsibility of parents. No official shooting permission is required.

Age: 3-6 – At this age, children are allowed to shoot/work for two hours between 08:00 and 17:00 and must have permission. Children may be on set for a total of five hours. Childcare is mandatory.

Age: 6-15 – Kids of full-time school age (outside school vacations) are allowed to shoot for a maximum of three hours between 08:00 and 22:00. Kids may be on set for a total of five hours. Childcare is mandatory.

Youth who have completed full-time compulsory education and youth who have completed full-time compulsory education during school vacations (but are not 18 years old) are allowed to shoot for a maximum of eight hours (until 23:00). Childcare is mandatory.

Which additional cost do I need to have in mind?

The employer’s contribution is 21.5% (incl. health insurance, nursing care insurance, pension insurance, and unemployment insurance). For members of the film crew in the Künstlersozialkasse, a social security contribution of 4.2% applies. Don´t worry, we can handle all the paperwork for you.

Why produce with us ?

Because we are the plug-and-play team that helps you scale up smart and fast You can concentrate on the essentials. We are happy to act as a service provider for you. Alternatively, you can book us as a full-service production and benefit from our synergy effects.
Keep full control over your film project and enjoy maximum transparency. You can continue to pitch projects during the hot project phase and sit back and relax while shooting on set.
One call is all it takes!

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