Luxury unlocked for Chrono 24

a man wearing a Rolex uses an iron on a pastel background ranging from pink to purple
Close-up on the hand of a man wearing a Rolex and vacuuming
two men wearing Rolexes are sitting on a sofa on a shaded blue background
a man wearing a Rolex vacuums under the legs of a woman sitting on a sofa staring at him
a man wearing a Rolex styles his hair with a retro hair dryer

Rolex Kampagne für Chrono 24.

Photography und creative direction Samuli Karala by Things By People
creative director Augusto Santos
Stylist Davor Jelusic from Liganord
MUAH Maria Ehrlich
Cut and animation Saana Inari Lähteenmäki
Props Studio Britz
Light tech Terry Bull und Peter Garajszki
Talents Gwen, Matthew Steel

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